Trump Awakens Enraged, Continues Insane Twitter Feud With ‘Hamilton’ Cast

By now, the entire world knows that Donald Trump is very angry at the polite, but firm, speech Brandon Victor Dixon, who plays Aaron Burr in Hamilton: An American Musical, gave to his number two man Mike Pence when Pence caught the show in New York City on Friday night. Trump already chastised the cast and demanded that they apologize for supposedly “harassing” Pence, and people had hoped that this would be the end of Trump’s mad rant against the cast of the wildly popular play.

However, Trump, as always, is completely unable to let any perceived slight whatsoever go, and he continued the feud upon waking on Sunday morning and promptly tweeted:


Now that Trump is president-elect, he should be worried about putting his cabinet together, but instead he is doing all he can to malign the diverse cast of actors in Hamilton, many of whom belong to groups he himself has insulted, and who Pence has actively attempted to strip of many fundamental human rights. In fact, Pence absolutely HATES women’s rights and has done all he can to keep LGBTQ American citizens as downtrodden and free of any legal protection whatsoever as possible.

All Brandon Victor Dixon was doing was reminding Pence that he has a duty to serve and protect all Americans – not just the ones he likes. Trump and Pence are too backward, small-minded, and bigoted to understand this, though, so of course, the tweeting will continue.

Welcome to Donald Trump’s America, people. Happy now?

Featured image via Spencer Platt/Getty Images

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