Trump Attacks VP On Twitter, Says Biden ‘Gropes’ Women Too (VIDEO)

Donald Trump has been trying, without much success, to defend himself from charges of inappropriate sexual behavior leveled by at least 11 women, including his first wife. Now he is accusing Vice President Joe Biden of doing the same sort of thing.

On Monday morning, Trump tweeted this:

He quickly followed that tweet with this one:

The tweet links to the page of Mark Simone, a talk show host at New York’s WOR radio. On his page Simone has posted two video compilations of Biden, mostly performing his duty of swearing in senators. In the video clips he is seen hugging various female family members of the senators, or posing for pictures with his arm around a woman’s shoulder.

First of all, let me tell you something you probably already know about Joe Biden. The man has never met a stranger in his life. If you meet him, as I have, you will get a strong handshake, and women (as well as many men) will get an affectionate hug. Do they occasionally last a little longer than the recipient might want? Sometimes it appears so. But is he “groping?” Definitely not. And are the women “cringing,” as Trump claims the video shows. For the most part, no.

Interestingly, the one person who appears a little uncomfortable in the video is the 13-year-old daughter of Biden’s fellow Delawarean, Senator Chris Coons. And Coons explained the situation to The Washington Post, basically saying she was reacting the way most kids her age would react in that setting.

In his desperate attempt to paint the vice president as a serial groper, Trump misses several important things. First, no woman has ever come forward to say that Biden sexually assaulted her. Second, there is no recording of Biden talking about the inappropriate things he likes to do to women. Third, the instances of Biden’s alleged “groping” were captured by TV cameras. It is plain that Trump, a man obviously devoid of anything resembling affection for anybody but himself, doesn’t understand the difference between a hug and feeling someone up.

Note the differences between the descriptions given by Trump’s accusers of what he did to them, and what you see in the Biden video. Biden’s hands are always on the woman’s shoulders or upper arms. He asks for hugs — he doesn’t simply grab the women, as Trump is alleged to have done. Kisses are placed on the back of the head, or the cheek, like you might expect to get from your favorite uncle.

Whereas Trump has a long history of statements that call into question his attitudes toward women, Biden, as a senator, was the main sponsor of the Violence Against Women Act of 1994. And unlike Trump, Joe Biden is, for want of a better term, “a regular Joe.” Trump, who says he doesn’t like shaking hands, obviously doesn’t understand that physical contact with a woman outside your family isn’t necessarily sexual. And it’s clear he has no idea of the difference between a hug and a grope.

Here is the video in which Biden is supposedly “forcing” himself on women. You be the judge.

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