Trump As Protester Is Escorted Out: ‘I’d Like To Punch Him In The Face’

Republican front-runner Donald Trump unleashed an angry tirade on a protester during his rally in Las Vegas on the eve of the Nevada caucus.

A protester had apparently interrupted the event, and was smiling as he was removed from the venue, prompting a furious response from the billionaire candidate.

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I’d like to punch him in the face. He’s smiling, having a good time.

Trump then said that the protester was “nasty as hell” and accused him of attempting to punch a security office who was escorting him out of the rally. However, video evidence shows nothing of the sort; quite the contrary actually, the recording proves the man left the building quite peacefully.

“In the old days,” the hatemonger lamented, protesters would be “carried out on stretchers. We’re not allowed to push back anymore.”

Although Trump has sometimes asked his supporters not to hurt protesters, the fickle reality star has also at times suggested that protesters should be treated more harshly.

Last fall, after a Black Lives Matter protester was punched and kicked by Trump’s vicious fans during one of his rallies, the real estate mogul endorsed the behavior by saying “maybe he should have been roughed up.”

Not long after this incident, the campaign began making an announcement at the beginning of his events asking supporters to chant “Trump! Trump! Trump!” to alert security, and then to wait while the protesters are removed rather than physically attacking protesters themselves.

This announcement was not made at the Las Vegas rally. It is unclear exactly what the man was protesting, after all when it comes to Trump there are a multitude of offensive options to choose from.

Just a few moments before the man was arrested and Trump made his violent remarks, another man had raised a banner that read “Veterans to Trump: End hate speech against Muslims.”

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