Trump Appointed A 24-Year-Old Who Has A History Of Not Showing Up For Work

Donald Trump vowed as a presidential candidate to surround himself with “only with the best and most serious people” if elected, but that’s not what happened after he took the oath of office. Candidate Trump also promised to win the fight against the epidemic of opioid drug use but offered no new steps to do so.

Trump then hired a 23-year-old former campaign worker to a top position in the White House’s drug policy office and now it’s revealed that he had been let go from a job at a law firm because he repeatedly missed work, a partner at the firm said, according to The Washington Post.

Taylor Weyeneth, who is now 24, worked as a legal assistant while at college at the New York firm O’Dwyer & Bernstein.

Before Weyeneth was appointed deputy chief of staff at the Office of National Drug Control Policy, he was “discharged” in August 2015, according to the Post.

“We were very disappointed in what happened,” partner Brian O’Dwyer told the Post.

He told the Post that the firm put in time to train Weyeneth, but he “just didn’t show,” O’Dwyer said.

The résumé Wyeneth initially submitted to the government said that he worked at the firm until April 2016. However, when an FBI official called in as part of a background check in January 2017, the firm said Weyeneth had left eight months earlier than what was claimed in the résumé.

The Washington Post reports:

A spokesman at the Office of National Drug Control Policy — where Weyeneth, 24, is deputy chief of staff — said Weyeneth was unavailable for comment. In replies to The Post, the White House did not address questions about Weyeneth’s work at the law firm.

An administration official previously said that Weyeneth revised his résumé to correct “errors.” In a revised résumé, Weyeneth said he worked at the law firm from November 2014 to August 2015. Details of his time there and the circumstances of his departure have not been previously reported.

The opioid epidemic has swept across the U.S. One Trump voter, Kraig Moss, a grief-stricken father who lost his son to heroin addiction, expressed regrets last year. He campaigned hard for Trump, selling everything he had, grabbed his guitar, and hit the campaign trail because he thought the former reality show star would help heroin addicts like his son. In total, Moss attended 45 rallies and played pro-Trump country tunes.

After the Trumpcare bill was proposed, Mr. Moss realized that it was “an absolute betrayal of what Trump represented on the campaign trail.”

And now Trump has hired a kid who doesn’t show up to work to take care of the drug epidemic. We’re going to go out on a limb here to suggest that Trump is not taking this problem seriously.

We can see why Trump chose Weyeneth since the so-called president repeatedly misses work, too, and can be seen on the golf course or at his resort in Florida.

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