Trump And Jeb’s Schoolyard Twitter Battle: Don’t Talk About My Big Brother Or Else! (TWEETS)

Saturday morning’s Twitter middle school one-upmanship display between Donald Trump, Bankruptcy Pirate and GOP hopeful, and Jeb! Bush is yet another cringe worthy moment sponsored by the Republican Party. In response to Trump’s attack on Jeb’s big brother “Dubya” Jeb tweeted at the nuevo-Republican:

Jeb Bush

Screen capture from Twitter.

By now we are all getting used to Donald Trump’s lack of any type of presidential traits. His constant bragging, nasty demeanor, crude communication skills and overblown ego are just far too much for him to hide all of the time. Honestly, the entire Republican party seems to be attempting to do their best impression of a Big Brother or Survivor style politics.

Screen capture from Twitter

Screen capture from Twitter

donald trump

Screen capture from Twitter

They do give us endless material to write about, but  it is terrifying and embarrassing to call them the best that an entire party can offer.

Donald Trump

Screen capture from Twitter

There you have it, two candidates for President of the United States playing politics like 13-year-olds play middle school.

Feature image via Flikr, altered

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