Trump Ally New York Post Publishes Nude Photos Of Melania To Distract From Trump’s Awful Week

Donald Trump is not having a good week. He has done the unthinkable by attacking the Khan family after their passionate and moving appearance at the Democratic National Convention, in which Captain Humayan Khan’s father, Kzir Khan, spoke directly to Trump about sacrifices and his divisive rhetoric. Well, Trump-supporting right-wing rag the New York Post has decided to try and help Trump out – by publishing photos of his wife Melania in the buff.

The newspaper sent out a tweet with the following cover, featuring the potential next First Lady (shudder) in all her naked glory:

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If, as we suspect, this is just a distracting tactic to help take the spotlight off of Trump’s outrageously offensive comments regarding a military family who made the ultimate sacrifice for this country, they sure have a funny strategy there. After all, nobody wants a nude model as the first lady. While we as liberals aren’t into shaming sex work and the like for the most part, there is a certain amount of dignity and decorum that must come along with being a part of a potential first family. Said decorum definitely does not include having one’s nude photos plastered all over the internet. In fact, I can’t think of a First Lady in the history of this country who has also had a well-publicized career that included posing nude for trashy magazines.

Good job, New York Post. You just did the impossible and made the Trumps look worse than they make themselves look.

Featured image via Twitter

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