Trump Administration Gets DESTROYED For Disrespecting Gold Star Widow In One Glorious Tweet

All week, a lot of the news has revolved around Trump and his shameful treatment of Gold Star families. We’ve been especially focused on how he disrespected Myeshia Johnson, whose husband was killed in the ambush in Niger, by telling her that he knew what he was getting into. Of course, Trump promptly denied that he ever said any such thing. When General John Kelly went to explain his take on all of this, he gave the lie to Trump’s denial but he also laid into Rep. Frederica Wilson, who’s a close family friend and was in the car with Johnson when she spoke to Trump.

Other Trump supporters have done that, too. While it just looks like Trump’s sheep following his lead, or his followers being blindly loyal to him, there’s one thing they’ve all done that’s at least as bad as what Trump said to Johnson:

The White House and really, the part of the country that supports Trump and is blasting both Johnson and Wilson, cares more about Trump’s widdle fee fees than they do about a grieving, devastated widow who lost her husband in service to this country. Think about it: Trump’s poor hurt feelings and frustration that he’s still not seen as the god he thinks he is matter more than Myeshia Johnson and her husband.

The saddest part is that many of these same people—including Trump himself—are livid with the NFL for allowing players to kneel in protest during the national anthem. They claim it’s a slap in the face to our troops.

Well, this is worse. Trump’s apologists are turning this country into something wholly unrecognizable. You can read all of Cohen’s thread here.

Featured image via Michael Reynolds-Pool/Getty Images

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