Trump Acts Like A Man Baby, Threatens Third Party Run….Again

Once again, the giant man-baby known as Donald Trump is threatening a third party run because people aren’t treating him how he wants to be treated. You read that right. Donald Trump, the guy who is literally insulting his way to the presidency, is mad that the Republican National Committee has not come out and condemned Ted Cruz’s attack ads against the frontrunner. So what does he do? Yet again threatens to tear a giant rift within the GOP.

According to Trump, the RNC is “default” on its promise to treat him fairly:

The RNC is in default. When somebody’s in default, that means the other side can do what they have to do…We’ve warned them twice, and they don’t listen. The bottom line is, the RNC is controlled by the establishment. That’s why the Republican party for president has lost so much for so long.

The attack ad Ted Cruz is complaining about is the Cruz camp’s latest ad surrounding Supreme Court in response to recently deceased Justice Antonin Scalia. For some time now Republicans have made the Supreme Court a plank in their campaign talk, and Cruz’s campaign put out an ad that basically accuses Donald Trump of being an extreme liberal on cases like abortion and same-sex marriage. The ad features an interview with Donald Trump from 1999 in which Trump admits his support for partial-birth abortion, and calls himself “very pro-choice.”

Trump issued a warning to the RNC to intervene and end these Cruz attack ads, or they will be paying for it.

This is the third time the Donald has threatened a third party run. The first time was in August after his debacle with Megyn Kelly concerning the first debate. The second time was in December after a slew of attacks from Republican establishment figures like Dick Cheney, Mitt Romney, and Mitch McConnell.

It looks like Trump is learning the art of politics – lies, slander and half-truths. That is the only way you can beat your opponent. It looks like Donald Trump can’t handle the intense nature of a primary election, I wonder how he’ll fare against Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton in a general election. Or maybe he does run third party and takes with him 30 percent of the GOP voters – hello President Clinton or President Sanders! So go ahead, Donald, make it three times the charm — run third party.

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