Trump Accused Hillary Of Helping A Foreign Model Get Her Citizenship. The Internet Has A Reminder…

Trump’s embarrassing all-night rage bender culminated in a tweet telling supporters to watch former Miss Universe winner Alicia Machado’s (non-existent) sex tape and a baffling allegation directed at Hillary Clinton.

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The premise was this: Hillary Clinton used her connections in the State Department to help model Alicia Machado gain citizenship so that she could bring her up during the debate. (Why she would need to be a U.S. citizen for Hillary to bring her up at the debate is a question only Trump’s addled mind knows the answer to.)

Clinton’s communications director Jennifer Palmieri told reporters that, no, Hillary Clinton nor her campaign helped Machado get her citizenship. In an ironic twist, Machado says she actually got her citizenship so she could vote… against Trump. So, as painful as it may be for Trump to consider, he only has his own anti-Hispanic bigotry to thank. Like millions of Hispanic residents, she’s not going to sit by as the GOP bleaches the nation of immigrants in a nativist zeal.

Meanwhile, the internet was asking Donald Trump if he really wanted to go down this road, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Only one candidate in this election has used his connections to get an (occasionally nude) model her citizenship: Donald Trump.

Famously, Trump began dating fashion model Melania Knauss off and on while separated from his second wife. They would eventually get married in 2005. A year later she would become a U.S. citizen.

The hypocrisy stings.

What a double standard.

While neither woman should be judged for choosing to pose nude during their modeling careers, the idea that Trump’s own wife has done many of the same things Trump is now smearing Alicia Machado for is pathetic. The fact that both women are immigrants who came to the United States for career and family also seems to elude Trump, who clearly believes his wife is an exception to the “immigrants are violent criminals” rule he’s enthusiastically endorsed as a national immigration policy.

Trump may be as oblivious as ever, but Melania might want to pull him aside today and explain it to him why he’s sleeping on the couch tonight.

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