Trump Accidentally Debunks His OWN Latest Lie And The Internet Is Dying (VIDEO)

Trump had to have known that his own big mouth would be the thing that finally undoes him. But this is just a bit too rich.

In a spontaneous rant directed at his critics, Trump spent the day after New Year’s Day once again slammed the media for suggesting even he assumed he would lose the election.

“Various media outlets and pundits say that I thought I was going to lose the election. Wrong…”

It is true that “various media outlets” are saying that:



So was this an example of the “liberal media” posting “fake news” about Trump?

Nope. They made those headlines because Donald Trump said he thought he would lose. Into a microphone. In front of a crowd. While on camera.

Here he is in Wisconsin on December 13:

“So I sort of thought I lost, and I was OK with that,” Trump admitted. “I wouldn’t say great. In fact, I called my vice president and I said, ‘It’s not looking good.’ Right, Mike [Pence]? I said not looking good.”

Later he told the crowd that he had explained to Melania that he was positive they wouldn’t win.

“We’re not going to win tonight.”

The mark of a true pathological liar is that even they can’t keep their lies straight. This appears to be an instance of the volume of Trump’s lies being so great that he quite literally can’t remember what he has and hasn’t lied about.

So Trump may want to rewatch some of his rallies before tweeting out lies.

Here’s Trump saying, explicitly, that he was convinced he would lose:

Featured image via Bloomberg

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