Trump Accidentally Confirms There Are More Tapes While Issuing Threat Not To Release Them (VIDEO)

The entire political world was in upheaval over the weekend after the Washington Post released audio that featured Trump boasting about sexual assault with giddy NBC Today Show co-host Billy Bush. It was quite shocking, considering what a thoughtful, decidedly not sexist and compassionate man trump has been for decades. Simply shocking!

Anyway, the leaked audio has all but killed trump’s clownish campaign and was featured quite prominently in Sunday’s second Presidential Debate. Since the release of the tape, polls have shown Trump’s numbers are plummeting.

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Former cast and crew on Trump’s reality show, The Apprentice, have been saying for weeks that there are highly incriminating tapes of Trump’s behavior somewhere in the MGM vaults. And Trump himself, unintentionally, seemed to confirm that point while he was issuing a characteristically petty threat to his critics.

Trump, who has made Bill Clinton’s sexual affairs his main campaign talking point, accidentally confirmed that more tapes exist of him saying “inappropriate things.” Oops.

That’s right–Trump is flat-out admits that more tapes exist of him being a crass, unelectable blowhard. He warns anyone who would release them that the consequences would be that he keeps smearing Bill Clinton – something he’s already doing.

Nonetheless, Trump seems to remain totally unaware of the fact that Bill Clinton is not on the ballot.

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