Trump About To Be Greeted With A Giant ‘Screw You’ From The People Of Scotland During His Visit

In December, Donald Trump had his business ambassadorship stripped by Scotland and one of Trump’s golf courses lost a major golf tournament because he’s a horrible windbag who just can’t stop spewing bigotry.

Trump is scheduled to appear in Scotland over this weekend to unveil yet another hotel and golf course for other rich pr*cks at Turnberry in Ayrshire. Two of the golf courses’ neighbors, David Milne and Michael Forbes, are none too happy with the prospect of this most odious creature coming to their country. But they have something in mind to give him a nice big F U. It seems they are putting up Mexican flags in anticipation of his visit.

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It’s just to show solidarity with the Mexican people,” Milne said, “and everyone else that Trump has derided, insulted and intimidated.

Milne’s protest is also directly tied to his efforts to build an 82-foot flag pole without getting permission. But it’s the classiest flag pole in all the world and Trump hears good things about it from important flag pole people. (And hey, at least it’s a pole, not a wall.)

Forbes and Milne both own small and modest homes that were overwhelmed by Trump and his enormous golf course. Milne’s view of the sea was destroyed by Trump’s staff when they built walls and set trees to conceal the homes from the golf course’s view. The ocean is a loser and really fat anyway, so get it out of here!

We want to draw the comparison between his claims that he’s going to build a wall next to Mexico and that fact that he did in fact put one around my property,” Milne said.

No word yet on whether Trump will bomb Scotland if elected president, but it’s nice to see he’s hated in more than just once accent.

Featured image via Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

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