Trudeau HUMILIATES Trump, Openly Prefers To Speak To Other U.S. Officials Instead

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has, like the rest of the world, seen the outrage that is Donald Trump occupying the American presidency over the last six months. He likely also has the same disgusted opinion of the job Trump is doing, not to mention his vulgarity, his lies and conspiracy theories, and his all around unfitness for the office he holds. That sort of thing just might be why Prime Minister Trudeau has shown he has no f*cks left to give when it comes to Trump, and has decided that, instead of talking to Trump, he will instead speak to more competent American government officials instead. To that end, Trudeau will become the first Canadian Prime Minister in history to speak to Nation Governor’s Association. He says of the move:

“No countries share a closer bond than Canada and the United States. Each day, hundreds of thousands of people cross the border to work, travel or visit loved ones. Ever more integrated supply chains draw our economies closer together, bringing jobs and prosperity to Canadians and Americans alike.”

“I will continue to work with all orders of the U.S. government to create good, middle class jobs on both sides of the border, and to find solutions to the challenges we face together.”

While Trudeau has, as any dignified leader would,  remained civil with Trump, it is clear that the two will not be close at all. Trudeau sees Trump for the buffoon that he is, and has criticized him for his promotion of crude nationalism, his views on climate change, and other topics.

This is a clear signal that Trudeau has no use for Trump. He simply has to tolerate the orange one until he is either removed from office or his term expires. Until then, it seems Trudeau will simply go around Trump and deal with other (read: sane and qualified) United States government officials. Personally, I think it’s a wise move, because dealing with Trump would be nothing short of maddening, and it certainly would not serve the interests of people in Canada or anywhere else in the world.

Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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