Triumphant Obama Rips Do-Nothing Congress For Making Him Save Economy With Zero Help (VIDEO)

In a press conference, broadcasted live on the White House’s facebook page today, President Obama spoke about his administration’s record-setting 74-month streak of private-sector job growth. Yes, that is the longest streak on record, and yes, it is NO thanks to the do-nothing-but-legislate-genitalia-Congress: something Obama slammed, hard.

While talking about ending companies’ ability to use tax shelters to defraud American citizens, Obama made it clear that this job can not be completed without Congress:

We’re not going to be able to complete this job unless Congress acts as well. So, I am calling on Congress to pass new legislation that requires all companies formed inside the United States to report information abou their real owners to the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. That’s gonna help law enforcment better investigate and prevent financial crimes. I am call on congress to provide the Justice Department with additional tools to investigate corupption and money launderers and I am calling the Senate, n particular Senator Rand Paul, who been a little “quirky” on this issue, to stop blocking the implemetation of tax treaties pending for years.

He called out Rand Paul for blocking the United States’ ability to investigate and prosecute tax fraud in a Global economy, and he challenged Congress to actually do their job and take action to make legislation that will better the lives of the American people.

President Obama has spent the last near 8 years fighting for the American people, extending insurance to over 16 million Americans who were previously uninsured and he actually fostered record job growth (albeit low-income jobs because of Congress’s refusal to raise the minimum wage). He did this while fighting against their actually collusive, belligerent refusal to in any way help the American people just because they don’t like the scary President. He accomplished all of this, figuratively, with one hand tied behind his back.

Watch him spank Congress, here:

Featured image via Getty Images/  Win McNamee

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