Trey Gowdy Tries To Return ‘States’ Rights,’ Earns Points From Idiot Neocon Writer

Representative Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) introduced a bill to the House that’s supposed to rein in the authority of the President (whoever he or she may be), or, as “Universal Free Press” writer Rick Wells puts it, “has a solution for the current problem America faces with a lawless ‘president’ who bends the law and rewrites it to his own political ends.” [emphasis mine]

The bill, according to UFP, contains very specific language that prevents the Obama administration from “violating the law” in the way that they’ve been doing with respect to immigration. It also returns rights to the states that have somehow been stripped away from them, usurped by what Wells no doubt thinks of as the Dictator in Chief.

The bill itself is 177 pages long, but Gowdy was kind enough to write a summary for us, separated into seven short sections, with no disrespect towards the President. The first and last (and clearly most important, according to Wells) sections are these:

Ends the President’s Ability to Unilaterally Shut Down Immigration Enforcement:

This bill removes the ability of the President to unilaterally shut down enforcement efforts by granting states and localities specific congressional authorization to assist in the enforcement of federal immigration law and includes provisions to facilitate their assistance. It also allows states and localities to enact and enforce their own immigration laws as long as they are consistent with federal law. In addition, the bill withholds specific grants from sanctuary cities that defy federal immigration enforcement efforts.

Defunds President Obama’s Unilateral Immigration Actions:

The bill defunds President Obama’s unilateral, unconstitutional actions on immigration, whether it be appropriations funds, agency collected fees, or anything else.

Basically, this means that Obama — and future presidents — can’t issue executive orders that allow undocumented immigrants to remain in the country without going through the proper channels. What it will also do is make it so that Customs and Immigration Services can’t use the fees they collect to provide visas in accordance with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, the new immigration order from November 2014, or any others that may come about.

The language that Gowdy uses, though, is kind of strange. He makes it sound like Obama has specifically issued orders to state and local law enforcement agencies, saying that they can’t enforce their own laws with respect to any undocumented immigrant. It’s true that’s not what he specifically said, but the implication is there.

Other parts of the bill would do the following:

  • make it more difficult for foreign nationals that pose a threat to the U.S. to enter and remain in the country
  • facilitate expedited deportation or detainment of what Gowdy calls “criminal aliens,” and authorize sanctions on countries that refuse to accept their legally deported nationals from the U.S.
  • improve the visa issuance process by expanding access to the Visa Security Program to high risk posts, and strengthen the integrity of the student visa process, among other things
  • help Immigration and Customs Enforcement better do their jobs by strengthening their ability to arrest undocumented immigrants, and authorize all ICE deportation officers to carry firearms
  • require a report to Congress each year on the abuse of presidential “prosecutorial discretion”

Gowdy spends a lot of time targeting President Obama, and his immigration orders from 2012 and 2014. However, as said earlier, he isn’t disrespectful in his bill or his summary. He might be serious about immigration reform, and he might see this bill as a good jumping off point, and he’s definitely serious about reining in the power of the office of the President, but he wasn’t disrespectful, unlike Mr. Wells here.

Wells replaced “President” with “president” and put quotes around it in his article, as though it’s not an official title. He did it in conjunction with the President’s name as well. That puts Wells in the same camp as the rest of the idiots who don’t know how democracy works, that scream, “He’s not OUR president!” Yes, actually, he is your president. Just because you didn’t vote for him and you don’t like his policies doesn’t mean he’s not your President. He’s everyone’s President, duly elected by a majority of the population.

But, it’s not hard to see where Wells’ attitudes are. His mini-bio at the end of the piece says:

Rick Wells is a conservative writer who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats.

These threats likely include the black man in the White House who clearly doesn’t know his place in our society, or it could come from the Tea Party brainwashing in this guy’s head — or both.

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