Trevor Noah: ‘Ted Cruz Would Sell His Mother For Another Five Points In The Polls’ (VIDEO)

It is not really a mystery why so much of the country really hates Ted Cruz (R-TX), but when you hear Trevor Noah tell it like it is it really brings the “man” into focus. Noah pulls no punches discussing the behavior of the Texas Tea Party a$$hole in charge.

Following Cruz’s dubious “win” in Iowa, Noah said that as the race continues we will see, “[Donald] Trump will try to make it about himself. Carson will just disappear, and Cruz will sell his mother if he thinks it’ll get him another five points.” Which really doesn’t seem to be a stretch, considering the behavior of this man who would be a “biblical anointed King.”

After Cruz’s “mistaken” exploitation in Iowa, undercutting Ben Carson by misusing a story about him going home for clean clothes to try to turn Carson voters to himself, among other things, Ted Cruz’s lip service to his Evangelical faith is quite clear. The disgusting charlatan has made himself appear as a hypocrite, and as Noah said, “the slimiest person on earth.”

Watch Noah get it right, here:

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