Trevor Noah Spanks Whiny Crybaby GOP Candidates For Throwing Temper Tantrum (VIDEO)

The field of Republican candidates is diverse and their plans and ideas vary, ever so slightly, within the sphere of old-fashioned conservatism. Yet, there is one commonality they share broadly — the ability to act like petulant children about being asked “tough” questions at the last debate.

Trevor Noah hilariously calls out the GOP whiners on The Daily Show. The segment opens showing clips of the candidates cockily expressing their toughness. Noah says of the testosterone-laden display:

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All that chest thumping is pretty cool in a caveman, Silverback gorilla kind of way.

So, it may come as some surprise (I know, you’re probably as SHOCKED as I am – wink, wink) that these same “brawny” men came out whining after CNBC debate. Obviously, the Republican’s characterization of the questions asked during the Democratic debate isn’t anything more than political posturing. But. . .

One has to wonder then, what specific questions on the Republican side made them wet their pants and scream in fear?

Watch Trevor Noah recall the questions they were actually asked:

Featured image via Crooks & Liars video screen capture

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