Trevor Noah Slaps The Sh*t Out Of GOP With Post-Debate Truth (VIDEO)

The oh so adorable Daily Show host, Trevor Noah, picked apart some of the ridiculous babble from the Republican debate on Wednesday. With the help of analyst Desi Lydic, they managed to highlight the some of the bull***t Republican candidates Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, and Donald Trump were spewing during the Clown Show™. According to Noah, Tuesday’s debate had plenty of substance:

It is true, because bullsh*t is also a substance.

Yes, yes it is. It’s also a disgusting and sometimes sticky substance that you can’t seem to get rid of — much like the Republican presidential candidates.

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Lydic went right into discrediting Carson’s claims. One being when he said “people need to be educated on the minimum wage,” which he then went on to use to back up his statement that joblessness increases when the minimum wage is raised. Lydic said:

This statement is true: people do need to be educated on the minimum wage — specifically you. In the last 37 years, the number of jobless people has decreased four times after raising the minimum wage. I’m rating his statement as ‘false.’ Or as Dr. Ben Carson calls it, ‘autobiographical

Fiorina and Trump weren’t getting out of this fact check smackdown either. Both Republican candidates claim to have actually met Russian President Vladimir Putin. Lydic called them both out on their  Putin encounter. She states that Trump was correct in saying that the two had appeared on the same episode of 60 Minutes, but he failed to mention that their segments were taped on two separate continents, therefore they did not ACTUALLY meet.

It gets better after Fiorina claims that she actually did meet Putin in Beijing and not in a “green room setting.”

That’s funny because Lydic was able to show footage of Fiorina recently telling NBC’s Jimmy Carson that she met the Putin in a “sort of a green room.” Could this be the beginning of “Putin-Gate?”

I’m beginning wonder if any of the Republican candidates have ever heard of fact checking? Haha.


Watch the Daily Show smackdown:


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