Trevor Noah Drops Truth Bomb On Stubborn Bernie Supporters: Not Voting = Voting For Trump

Trevor Noah is ready to go in Cleveland, charging his satirical lasers for the Republican convention. The host of The Daily Show, which will be taping this week’s shows from the convention, had a message for Democrats, too.

Noah had some hard truths to share with recalcitrant Bernie Sanders supporters, saying that not voting in the general election equates to casting a vote for Donald Trump.

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If you’re a Democrat and you say, ‘I’m not voting for Hillary,’ then you are voting for Trump. Let’s not beat around the bush ― not voting is voting.

To put it another way, “If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.” Noah wants everyone to think about that choice. If you are liberal and/or progressive, you can do that by asking yourself which candidate has views and policy proposals that come closest to Sanders’. That candidate is obviously not Donald Trump.

This country’s two-party system gives Noah pause. He calls it “strange” and notes that this election may force people to re-evaluate it. He points out that, in America, we tend to look at things through a lens of duality:

You are not living in a two-party world. There is not left or right, there are varying degrees, there is nuance.

We tend to take voting for granted. Noah thinks that this happens among younger Americans, in particular. But he knows that votes don’t “just happen” and he wants these younger citizens to understand that votes today translate into tomorrow’s world. Their world.

If you’re a young person in America, this is your country going forward ― don’t be fooled by the fact that old people are running it now. You will be dealing with the effects of what these people have voted for the rest of your life, which is going to be hopefully much longer than the people that are much older than you. There will be a time when you look back and go, ‘Wow, I could have changed that and now I live in a wasteland.’

Some older voters understand this better than their younger counterparts. We were young once, too. We were the first generation to be able to vote at age eighteen. But some of us began to take voting for granted. While we jumped at that chance back then, a lot of us became cynical and stopped voting. You can see where that path has taken the country.

It’s ironic that Trevor Noah, who really understands the importance of voting — especially in this election — can’t vote. He is just a visitor to America right now. Sometimes it takes the eyes of someone who is not involved in the process to see it better and shed light on it. That’s what Noah is doing. After all, if Trump becomes President (*gag*), The Daily Show may not be around anymore and he will be out of a job.

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