Trevor Noah: Donald Trump Has Turned His Surrogates Into Shrugging Emojis (VIDEO)

I can’t imagine a more horrible job in all the world than being a spokesperson for Donald Trump, and Trevor Noah agrees!

On Monday night’s episode of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, Trevor Noah expressed his “heartfelt” sympathy to Katrina Pierson and all of the others who have managed to find themselves in that unfortunate position.

I really feel so bad for her and all of Donald Trump’s surrogates. Because that has to be the hardest job in the world. As a surrogate, whatever a candidate says, the surrogate has to defend it.

When Katrina Pierson was questioned about Trump’s claims that Obama and Clinton created ISIS, she was forced to reply with “yes and no” which made the entire country, and probably the world, question her mental stability. I wonder what is really in this for her because every time she and the rest of his surrogates open their mouths, they end up looking like complete idiots. Especially when Donald Trump later claims he was being sarcastic, which then forces them all to go back and defend the statements they previously made. It’s got to be exhausting!

That’s exactly what America needs in a president. A man so all over the place that even the people who are hired as communication specialists are now basically the shrugging emoji.

Watch the full video below:
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