Treasury Secretary Confirms: American Economy Is FAR Better Under Obama Administration

Despite facing a petty band of bloodthirsty, poop-throwing Republicans looking to sabotage anything and everything he has ever said or done, President Obama has successfully salvaged the disaster of an economy that he inherited from George Bush. At least according to the Treasury Department. It’s no secret President Obama assumed the presidency at a time when the economy, stock market and banking system were collectively circling the drain.

The daunting financial insecurity nearly sunk the entire nation into a deep depression, all due to the reckless actions of the former paste-eater-in-chief and his backing of wall street banksters.

Even though he was obstructed at every turn and only now has decided to eschew Baracknophobia,  Obama’s initiatives prevented a bigger catastrophe. Because of his decisiveness, the Treasury says he’s fully turned the economy around. According to Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, the economy has been growing at a steady rate for several quarters. Private sector employment has been consistently high, the unemployment rate has been brought down to nearly 5 percent, and the stock market has seen steady growth.

Of course, many challenges still stand in the way of progress. Donald Trump, for one. Moreover, underpaid and underemployed Americans, lack of guaranteed paid sick and family leave, establishing a higher minimum wage, and tackling the sordid student loan industry. Lew, for example, cites the growing inequality between the wealthy and the working class and corporate tax loopholes, like inversion and tax-motivated expatriation, as pressing concerns.  Obama made several attempts to tackle some of these issues but was halted in his tracks each and every time, all by an obstreperous bunch of man-children. The fact that he prevented the US economy from oblivion, putting it back on the path of stability and averting another meltdown amid a party hell-bent on his destruction, is very praiseworthy. Well, assuming you don’t work at Fox News.

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