Treasury Announces BIG Changes To The $20 Bill (Hint: Racists Are Going To Lose It!)


Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew is expected to announce big changes in the design of American currency on Wednesday, according to Politico. Rather than kick Alexander Hamilton off the $10 bill, it looks like Harriet Tubman is getting Andrew Jackson’s place on the $20. And more changes are coming to the $5 bill as well.

The idea that Hamilton, the father of modern American Treasury and financial systems, would be removed from the $10 bill and that former President Andrew Jackson would stay was widely criticized, and it appears the powers that be agreed. Instead, Jackson, who was instrumental in many things now contrary to our values like slave owning and moving Native Americans off of their land, in a massive resettlement program that was so horrific it would later be dubbed the “Trail of Tears.” In his place is Tubman, an abolitionist freedom fighter who is renowned for her daring ability to get runaway slaves to freedom in the North.

On the $5 bill, the back will now be devoted to honoring Civil Rights heroes.

The new shift towards remembering politician and leaders in our country that helped bring about changes that made this nation great, like Harriet Tubman and other Civil Rights leaders is evident in the new decisions. It is beyond time for these changes to happen, really.

For more information about Harriet Tubman, a true hero, watch this video from the Smithsonian:

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