Top Pentagon Officers Just Gave The GOP An Ultimatum On Trump: ‘It’s Either Him Or Us’

Picture President Trump. There he sits in the Oval Office, dialing the phone trying to get in contact with our military command at the Pentagon – except nobody is answering.

This could be a reality if Trump successfully wins the Republican nomination and ensuing general election in 2016.

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Everywhere you go, in private conversations officers are discussing plans to resign their positions at the thought of serving under Trump. One officer said:

By 2016 I will have my 20 years in and can get out of here.

Reasons given vary, but they all inevitably travel back to Trump’s Fascist rhetoric. Calls to build a wall around the country, shut down “areas of the internet” to protect America and banning all Muslims from entering the United States are not going over well with the military high command. Many of them say that Trump and his platform are a mockery of the values that they send men and women into harm’s way to defend every day.

The time we invaded the wrong country, by storming into Iraq under the worst president in modern history, is still fresh in the minds of many of these commanders. They are seeing the blowback of that clown show with the rise of ISIS and the Syrian civil war. They do not want to see American military power wielded willy-nilly a second time.

The further the conversations went, the more plans emerged in regards to a Trump victory:

‘This is not the country I joined to defend.’

‘I am turning in my papers.’

‘I’m moving to a farm.’

Comments did not get much more positive about other Republican candidates. One commander asked about Ben Carson, “How does brain surgery prepare you to be president?” It really is a great question. Isn’t it?

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