Top Five Worst Reactions By Fox News Over CIA Torture Report

Typical Fox, livid about the release of the CIA torture report, not mad about the actual torture.

The fear machine that is Fox News is out in full force after the Committee of Intelligence (COI), headed by Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), released a report yesterday that revealed cruel and inhumane treatment of prisoners at the hands of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Types of torture included standing sleep deprivation, rectal feedings, rectal hydration, use of innocent prisoners to gain information, and threats to prisoners’ families, along with waterboarding more prisoners than America was originally led to believe.

The Senate report also said that the use of torture yielded no useful or specific information that they could not have found by other means.

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Here are the top five worst reactions by Fox News:

Senate Torture Report

Gretchen Carlson interviews John Rizzo, former Chief Legal Officer for the CIA, who has been making his way around Fox News to say many top politicians were advised about the CIA’s use of torture. The Real Story

The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson: The Gretch opened up her bit “My Take” by telling Fox viewers that the CIA torture report cost Americans $40 million dollars. Er…okay, but how much would it have cost had the CIA not blatantly lied to government officials and the American public? Does she also understand that the cost works out to be about a dime per person in this country? Because I’d gladly donate a dime to uncover foul play by the shady Bush Administration.

Carlson then went on to say:

At the same time they are saying the report must be released right now to make sure harsh interrogation activity never happens again. Well guess what, it hasn’t been happening,  instead of bringing in terrorism suspects for questioning, President Obama has simply kills them, with drones. So is that more humane than waterboarding?


President Obama ended interrogation programs that existed during the Bush-era, and also released prisoners who were found the be low-level threats or innocent, while the Bush administration was happy to keep innocent prisoners locked up. In fact 20 percent of those imprisoned in various detention facilities for terrorism, were completely innocent. If Carlson wants to point the finger at Obama, she’s going to have to try a little harder because Bush STARTED the two wars which maimed and killed thousands of Americans and Middle Easterners that Obama has had no choice but to participate in given that this area has been completely destabilized.

Fox News

If America broke the law then the public needs to know, but here’s why they should totally get away with that… The O’Reilly Factor

The O’Reilly Factor: Bill O’Reilly premised his show that he believes in the use of torture BUT O’Reilly was not happy that the CIA had misled America about the use of torture — if that is indeed what happened. O’Reilly was adamant in insisting that what was revealed in the COI’s report on the CIA was not actually torture. Perhaps Bill O enjoys being fed rectally? O’Reilly also pointed out that he thought this was purely a political move by the Democrats because the Republicans on the COI wanted to wait to release the information, with the power shift in Congress about to occur, this report may have been buried for much longer.

O’Reilly said:

If I were president I would have ordered waterboarding and other severe interrogation methods on high-value detainees.

Let us all bow our heads and give thanks to Cthulhu that Bill O is not nor will ever be president.

Senate torture report

Megyn Kelly interviews Mike Rogers (R-MI) House Intelligence Committee Chairman about the dangers of releasing the torture report of mistreatment of terrorist suspects. The Kelly File

The Kelly File: Megyn Kelly went straight for the fear factor, insinuating that the release of the torture report would cause a backlash in the Middle East that would put Americans serving in that region in jeopardy. Kelly interviewed Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) who reaffirmed her fear that this will undoubtedly cause increased violence.

Kelly also questioned why Feinstein chose Tuesday to release the report. Given the tone of Fox, the report should have been set on fire and never seen the light of day, I don’t know when would have been a better time. There isn’t a “better time” in sight.

Rogers said:

How do you look these families in the eye and say,  ‘Well we know we’ve asked you to go in harm’s way, we’ve asked you to risk your life, we’re just going to make it a little bit more difficult because we don’t want to wait a year, or two years or a more appropriate time. Maybe when we’re not at war when we don’t have people in harm’s way, to release this inflammatory report.

The problem is, there is no good time to break news like this. But the real truth of the matter is Fox doesn’t like the report because it casts a negative shadow on a republican administration. Plus they really, really like torture. Well, except when it’s used against our citizens.

Senate torture report

Sean Hannity interviewed Jose Rodriguez who said, “The CIA has been thrown under the bus.”

Hannity: Sean Hannity (You knew he would be on the list!) interviewed Jose Rodriguez, the former head of the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center, who felt that the CIA had been wronged by the report. Rodriguez said that the information that came out of certain interrogation techniques was essential in the capture of Osama bin Ladin. Yet John Rizzo, who was on Gretchen Carlson’s show said that the enhanced interrogation techniques were only partially responsible for the capture of Osama, the information that the COI maintains could have been gained without the use of torture.

Hannity also said:

I talk a lot on this show about selective moral outrage, let me give you an example: Under President Obama and his drone program, we have the estimated death toll at 2,400, in Pakistan alone the death toll is estimated at 400-950 civilians, including 168-200 children. Can you explain to me how the drone program under Obama is not far more morally problematic than enhanced interrogation, and what do make of Dianne Feinstein’s silence on that issue?

That’s right Hannity, when in doubt duck and find a way to blame President Obama. While the drone program is morally reprehensible to all that oppose violence in any way, it’s also important to address the actual issues at hand instead of pointing to Fox’s favorite scapegoat.

Perhaps the greatest dramatic reaction to the Senate CIA torture report was…

On The Five, Greg Gutfeld is absolutely disgusted that people are disgusted by torture report.

On The Five, Greg Gutfeld is absolutely disgusted that people are disgusted by torture report.

The Five: Greg Gutfeld, who has a penchant conservative drama delivered a scathing monologue about how angry he was that the CIA can’t just make its own rules.

Gutfeld said:

Save me your hand wringing! You don’t play patty cake with demons unless you plan on losing.

Does it seem ironic that Fox News Correspondents are so quick to bring out 9/11 death tolls, but ignore that a war was fought over that tragedy. It also seems hypocritical that while most of Fox News is wringing their hands about ISIS beheading our own citizens because they don’t like Americans, while the right-wing sits in defense of deaths of their citizens in our custody because they don’t like Muslims.

Fox likes to drive the point that this is a political play by the Republicans, yet after Dianne Feinstein commented on the release of the document, Senator McCain (R-AZ) took the floor and defended the report’s timing and contents and declared that waterboarding is torture, his speech was decidedly left out in most of Fox News’ coverage.

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