Too Soon? 32 Bundy Militia Memes You Don’t Want To Miss

It took the feds far too long to step up and end the Bungling Bundy’s occupation of the Oregon bird sanctuary, but they finally did it and with far less bloodshed than was expected. The end of the standoff seems to mean many things to many groups of people, and one of those groups is the avid “Send Snacks” meme creators and collectors who now face the possible end of the hilarity born from the childish cry for “snacks and socks, cause we forgot.”

Even one lost life due to the absurd and immature tantrum and theft is too much, but with the number of men they had swearing to “die for their cause” (commit suicide by federal agent) it really seems that the Feds actually avoided a much larger loss of life.

Laughter seems to be the only thing that this group of man-children and even actual children, occupying public land seem to have done that created a positive effect for law-abiding Americans. Let’s remember the good times, shall we? Enjoy!

1. HAHA..yep, they went there.

Alicia Smith nobody sent me bags of dicks

2. Believe it or not, homoerotic Bundy Fan Fiction is a thing!

Art Morris Snacks for y'all qaeda and chill

3. The Bundy Boys took over a bird sanctuary, because that is such a BIG man thing to do. The only thing manlier…

Ashley Love - butterflys are next

4. Cartman! If anyone understands the seriousness of snacks, it is him! OBEY his AUTHORITAY!

Ashley Love - cartman my pot pie

5. Awwww!

bulldog couch

6. Really angry avians!

Barbara Jarvis Angry Birds

7. You can’t start a revolution without snacks!Chip Strahl star wars lack of snacks

8. What does a REAL Bundy think of these losers?

Chris Wilde Not even a real bundy

9. No matter how they see themselves, we see right through them.

Dan Hobson 300

10. Office Space, for the win!

Heather Brennan Office Space

11. Ever wonder what would have happened if the Bungling Banjo Horde were black? 


12. Well, this is about perfect.

Frank Bensen Three Stooges Militia

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13. You really do need to be careful who you hang out with, you never know what you are gonna be exposed to.

Elje De'aux I catched the dumb

14. Oh, how the snacky have fallen.

Donna PL New snack plan prison food

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15. This image could have been taken by one of the cameras that freaked out #VanillaIsis

Jeannie Dalrymple Btch get outta my sanctuary

16. Going old-school!

Jeff Dombrowski classic Y U No

17. Zuckerberg will give you 1 million dollars for sharing this story too… (not!)

Jeff Mann Marc Zuckerberg will send snacks

18. What real men on a mission from God look like.

Joe Bruemmer The Blues Brothers

19. Those still on the refuge are acting giddy about dying for their cause, couldn’t be because they are afraid of what is going to happen to them in jail, could it?

Phil Mahnutz Ghadzen bail

20. This one is pure win!

Mark Funk Sumo who wore it better

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21. You just don’t want to be pitied by Mr. T!

Kate Summers Pity The Fool

22. Bundidos bring their own…

Randy bunch real bundidos

23. Wooo hooo, Homer Simpson would be proud.

.Samantha Dahl Snack Cowboy

24. These losers actually had CHILDREN at the compound they seemed to pray would become Waco or Ruby Ridge.

Scott Swiecki Brady bunch

25. They should have played more Oregon Trail to prevent such a hilarious Oregon Fail.

snack deprivation

26. Put the war on pause, people, we need SNACKS!

snacks 2

27. Origins are important.

snacks paul muadib

28. It seems that they really don’t trust each other as much as they should…


29. Ted Nugent….enough said.

ted cruz shit pants Darin Mitchell

30. HAHA

Patrian Tsaum Forrest Gump

31. Seems legit.

zRobservations soap on a rope.

32. Too soon?

zModern Liberals winter of out discount tent

You can find more SNACKS memes here, if you aren’t quite done laughing yet!

No militia members were injured in the production of theses memes and they are all taken from the Facebook group Snacks For YallQaeda,.

Feature image via Facebook

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