Tone Deaf Trust Fund Baby Ivanka Trump Lectures People On How To Survive As ‘Unpaid Interns’

If a person works, they are always entitled to restitution for their labor. Always. This is a core principle behind capitalism. And yet, this particular core principle is something our modern society has a lot of trouble with and nowhere is that more obvious than with the issue of indentured servitude/contractual slavery.

Or, if you want me to be politically correct, “unpaid internships.”

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And that’s the subject that Donald Trump’s pampered daughter stepped into today on Twitter when she promotedvery tone deaf piece entitled “How to Survive an Unpaid Internship.”

Because as we all know, this is a problem that the parasite class faces with disturbing regularity, right?

“No money, no problems”

I’m a classically liberal socialist. This means that I support some classically liberal economic policies (i.e., capitalism), but through a socialist lens and with a Marxist’s eye for history. And when I look at unpaid internships, I see a return to indentured servitude contracts.

I see what basically amounts to a betrayal of a core principle of capitalism and a return to a system that designed entirely to benefit the wealthy and the rich — feudalism, or, perhaps better, Neo-Feudalism.

And here’s the part of this that makes it worse: You are paying your own money to work at a job you’re not being paid for. Most college students are taking out student loans because they can’t afford tuition. This means that they’re taking out loans they’ll pay back to pay for a job that they’re not getting paid to do.

They are literally paying for the pleasure of experiencing a system that’s too goddamn cheap to manage decent wage slavery. Decent wage slavery — that I even have to use that phrase tells you how outright evil this system is.

And while I have no idea if Ivanka Trump supports it or not, I can only infer from a recent piece published on her website — by an intern, interviewing unpaid interns — that she has no problem with and that, growing up in pampered luxury has warped her mind, as it often does with members of the parasite class.



And what about the piece itself? Well, it’s the sort of pampered rose-tinted spiel you’d expect from an entitled wealthy person who’s never had any problems to worry about:

If you know you’ll be an unpaid intern during the summer, you can anticipate your expenses by working while school is still in session. ‘By working on-campus jobs and doing freelance design work during the school year, I was able to put away enough money to be able to have some summer fun on the weekends,’ says MacKenzie Schroeder, our graphic design intern.

Saving is a luxury for the rich and wealthy. When you have a car that constantly breaks down and you can’t afford a new one, when you have doctor’s office co-pays (because Obamacare didn’t do a damn thing about those, or co-insurance, or deductibles), when you have to pay rent, and when you have to spend your money on food otherwise you starve, you don’t have the money to put away.

When you have children and you’re working three jobs to barely make ends meet, you cannot do this.

Here’s an economic rule for you: Rule #1: When you’re poor, everything is more expensive. Start from there and tell me how viable saving is. Go ahead.

Far and away, though, I think my “favorite” point has to be this one:

What about when your savings aren’t enough and bills still need to be paid? Batsheva Loeb, one of our marketing interns, tacked on a part-time job to her summer responsibilities. ‘I don’t like splitting up my days, so I’ll split up my week between interning and working, and then give myself a free day.’

I’ve known people who’ve worked at unpaid internships from 6AM until 6PM every day of the week and were still doing job-oriented things on the weekend. You tell me when they had time to get another job. I’ll wait.

The rest of the piece is similar tripe; garbage points like “socialize on the cheap” and “set a budget” are pretty much bog standard talking points from wealthy people who think they’re entitled to your labor without paying you for it.

Of course, as you might expect, Twitter ended up having a field day with it:

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I agree 100% with Ed Giardina. The fact that we’re even having this conversion shows just how warped our society has become. There are some things you are entitled to, and restitution for your own labor is a fundamental one. The minute you concede that’s not true, you’ve given up on capitalism entirely and embraced Neo-Feudalism — which is exactly what unpaid internships represent.

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