Tom Cotton Tries To Make Light Of SNL Spoofing Him – Twitterverse Tears Him To Shreds (SCREENSHOTS)


By Charles Topher and Sheila Wolfe

Finally, the Rock has come back to Saturday Night Live.  Dwayne Johnson’s triumphant return to the timeless variety show opened with a skit where President Obama, angered by the actions and disrespect of John Boehner, Ted Cruz and a weasely little Tom Cotton, turns into “The Rock Obama” and lays the smackdown on the jabronies from the right.

What did Tom Cotton have to say about the skit?  It doesn’t mater what Tom Cotton had to say about the skit.  (Warning – If you have no knowledge of professional wrestling some catch phrases my not register.)

OK, for purposes of a hilarious story about what an imbecile Tom Cotton is, it kinda matters what he said:



Clever.  Unfortunately the Twitterverse doesn’t let anything, even something this silly, slip by.  It was time for the least electrifying man in Washington politics to know his role and shut his mouth, and the #BootsToA**es quickly began:




Somehow Cotton overlooked that being as tall as the Rock made his Roody Poo Candy A** look even more ridiculous, and as one user pointed out, as with most reptiles, it’s all in his neck.

Height wasn’t the only issue the good people of Twitter were concerned with.  there would be no one on one with the Great One here, this arena was for people frustrated with this lanky loser of a dweeb who, as the skit pointed out, has been in the Senate for all of three months and thinks he knows what the President is cookin’ when it comes to foreign policy.

(Almost out of catch phrases, I swear.)



So, Tom Cotton, who in the blue hell are you?  You’re nobody.  You’re the laughing stock of the country, a traitor to your nation and your President, and a target for social media and lefty bloggers.

You’re the next Sarah Palin, without the halfway interesting rube life that warrants a reality show to compete with the next Honey Boo Boo.

Hopefully this next tweet will come true so we can see the jabronie beating, pie eating, eyebrow raising, step off the brake put your foot on the gas, always ready to whoop some a** Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson land the Peoples’ Elbow on that giraffe-like neck of yours, sending you back to Arkansas to live out your days drooling into a cup:




We are allowed to dream, are we not?  Just remember, Senator, when you mess with the Peoples’ President, you mess with the people.


Featured Image: Screen Capture From YouTube

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