Tom Cotton Addresses Defense Contractors Immediately After Trying To Sabotage Iran Deal

When Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark) organized the letter to Iran warning them that any deal reached with the U.S. would expire at the end of Barack Obama’s Presidency, he may have had an ulterior motive…


Senator Cotton is a known war-monger.  He’s advocated for supplying Israel with B-52’s and bunker buster missiles, presumably so they can attack Iran’s underground nuclear program.

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Cotton is a consistent voice for higher defense spending and a more aggressive foreign policy.

Cotton goes far above and beyond the typical Republican rhetoric on war and defense.  In a tele-townhall meeting during his campaign, he told prospective constituents that ISIS and Mexican drug cartels forming an alliance and attacking Arkansas was an “urgent problem.”

Cotton made no bones about his intentions, appearing for a meeting at a the National Defense Industry Association breakfast the morning after the letter to Iran was sent — where remarks were, “Off the Record and strictly Non-Attribution.”

Members of the NDIA include Boeing, maker of those bombers and bunker-busters,  Northrop Grumman, L-3 Communications, ManTech International, Raytheon, Oshkosh Defense, Booz Allen Hamilton and many other well-known defense contractors who would stand to make a killing should tensions with Iran cross the thin red line of war.

Jimmy Thomas, Director Of NDIA Legislative Policy was asked if Cotton would speak about Iran specifically.  He replied, “[M]ost members…talk about everything from the budget to Iran…so it’s highly likely that he may address that in his remarks.”

He added that Cotton was originally scheduled to appear in January, “but certainly we bring people to the platform that have influence directly on our issues.”

Certainly someone usurping the authority of a diplomatic mission with Iran in the interest of stifling any chance of lasting peace would have “influence directly” on their issues.

Unfortunately for Cotton and his 46 war-loving friends, the Iranians weren’t impressed.

President Obama is the first US head of state to approach Iran directly and open a direct line of communication with their leadership in 3 decades.  A gesture of such magnitude wouldn’t be without its rewards, as the GOP found out yesterday.

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