Tom Corbett’s ‘Man Of The People’ Pic Is Entirely Photoshopped

Governor Tom Corbett is facing a tough re-election campaign in Pennsylvania, so it’s no wonder that he would want to appear to be a friendly, everyday Pennsylvanian. He has a beautiful, heartwarming graphic at the bottom of his campaign page that shows him talking to other everyday Pennsylvanians, which is likely supposed to show him as someone who actually gives two craps about them. There’s just one problem: Everyone in the graphic was Photoshopped in. Everyone.

This might seem harmless and innocent, and on the surface, it is. However, a candidate who’s supposed to be for the people ought to have enough images of his involvement with the people he represents so that Photoshopping the entire image isn’t necessary. Buzzfeed reported on the image, at first because of the black woman in there. They found that the black woman is an anonymous model in a stock photo, and thought she was put there so that Corbett wouldn’t look racist. But when Buzzfeed contacted Corbett’s campaign about it, they admitted to creating the whole thing instead.

But Corbett is desperate, it seems. He continues to trail Democrat Tom Wolf by double digits, showing that Pennsylvania’s opinion of him and the job he’s doing has taken a major beating. One article even showed that polls in Pennsylvania revealed that he’s the only politician in the state less popular than President Obama and Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Cane.

That’s enough to make anybody desperate to try and appear warm and fuzzy. One part of his legacy is that Pennsylvania now ranks in the bottom four in the nation in job creation, behind New Mexico, Alaska, and Arkansas. But Corbett said that he would make Pennsylvania number one in job creation. Not only has that not happened, but he can’t even claim to have climbed that ladder at all. At least if Pennsylvania’s ranking had improved, he could sugarcoat it by saying, “These things take time.”

He has also apparently blamed drugs for the state’s unemployment rate. While unemployment has fallen under Corbett, he apparently said that companies have said they can’t find job candidates who can pass a drug test.

And, there’s the tax thing. Corbett is another one of those wonderful Republican governors who has ensured massive tax breaks to corporations and the wealthy. He accused Tom Wolf of wanting to raise taxes on the middle class, however, says that’s not only false, but Corbett actually stood next to Wolf on stage while Wolf was saying he wanted to cut taxes for the middle class.

He also refuses to raise the state’s minimum wage. How typical, considering he’s a Republican.

Even Republicans are starting to desert Corbett, according to The Huffington Post. In fact, the Republicans who’ve deserted him are planning on voting for Democrat Tom Wolf. Things are really bad when members of one party defect like that.

So, is it really any wonder his campaign is trying to bolster his image as a “man of the people” by creating a fictional picture? If he’s so great, shouldn’t they already have pictures of him with people that only require some cropping, and maybe a blue sky instead of a gray or night sky?


Featured image from Tom Corbett for Governor

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