Today Is The Four Year Anniversary Of Trump’s Dumbest Tweet Of All Time (He Still Hasn’t Deleted It)

It may seem like an unassuming Saturday, but today is an auspicious day of sorts. Four years ago, Donald Trump composed his very worst tweet. And in the time following, it’s never been topped for sheer stupidity, racism, and wrongness. It has never been deleted either, and stands as a silent testament to just how awful Trump is as a person and what a disaster he would be as a president. It manages to say all of that in less than 140 characters. Impressive.

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Trump has, of course, sent countless pathetic, cringeworthy tweets. In many ways, his campaign has been built on them. But, somehow, this one, from August 6, 2012, stands out. It checks all the boxes: It’s factually wrong. It serves to stoke racial hatred in Trump’s fan base. And it’s a smear directed at President Obama based on misinformation.

It also reminds us that Donald Trump, the guy currently running as the Republican pick for President of the United States, spent a large portion of 2012 allegedly paying private investigators to “prove” President Obama was born in Kenya. Trump isn’t just a birther, Trump is the birther who spent a fortune on being a birther – and failed miserably. When Republican leaders like House Speaker Paul Ryan and Sen. John McCain stand by Trump this is the guy they are endorsing.

Hilariously, Trumps’ Very Worst Tweet came months after he had announced – to much fanfare in the press – that he had sent a team of private investigators to Hawaii and that this team had found was “absolutely unbelievable.” When asked for details, Trump repeatedly claimed it wasn’t the “right” time to release them. Then he eventually stopped talking about it altogether.

In an unsurprising twist, it soon became pretty clear that Trump openly lied about sending investigators to Hawaii. There were no investigators. There was no investigation. Just an empty suit pandering to his rabidly racist anti-Obama base while simultaneously promoting his reality show. And like that fake investigation, Trump’s unnamed “extremely credible source” has never materialized either.

Why would he lie about something so obvious? Just ask Trump himself. He had no problem explaining his birtherism to ABC News’ John Karl in 2013 (long after his evidence evaporated):

I don’t think I went overboard. Actually, I think it made me very popular… I do think I know what I’m doing.

Four years later, the Republican Party would nominate this self-serving moron to be their presidential nominee.

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