Time Tosses Reader Favorite Bernie Sanders From Person Of The Year Contest To Add Caitlyn Jenner

The results are in, and Bernie Sanders is the big winner of Time Magazine’s online readers poll for the cover of their famous “Person Of The Year” issue. However, Time Magazine has declared that it’s readers’ opinions do not matter and bumped him out for Caitlyn Jenner, who didn’t even make the top 10.

Time Person Of The Year Online Reader Results

Time Person Of The Year Online Reader Results

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Bernie pretty much crushed it, coming in almost double over everyone else. The only one that nudged past the halfway mark in catching him was Pakistani Activist Malala Yousafzai.

Let me be clear. I have absolutely no problem with the idea of an LGBT individual being in the person of the year contest. I think it is fantastic that we have come so far so quickly on this issue.

Here is my problem. Caitlyn Jenner is an outspoken Republican, who talks about how she plans to keep on voting for them, in a statement she gave the time about the time she tried to attend a Democratic debate.

Jenner told The Times that she did not get into the debate hall but that she was able to watch it on television with students on the Drake University campus. She said she still planned to vote Republican. ‘They didn’t convince me,’ she said.


The hypocrisy of this person can be summed up in this one tweet:

Caitlyn is taking a stand against bullying of LGBT people with GLAAD, by voting for the party that openly advocates for making it legal to discriminate, bully, and otherwise make life not worth living for many LGBT people. Are you serious, Time Magazine?

There were other questionable entries to the final contenders on Time’s Person Of The Year list, but the context in which Jenner was added really takes the cake. There is a lot of talk about how brave she was for choosing to live her life as the gender she identifies with. That is all completely valid, and I agree with it. However, knowing that she is enjoying a lot of fame and success as an open member of the LGBT community, while voting for people who will actively harm our LGBT brothers and sisters makes adding her simply inappropriate. There are many other members of the LGBT community that Time could have added, who do not exercise themselves politically in a way that will hurt the family of which they are a part.

The issue of Jenner aside for now, the rest of Time’s list is not very indicative of the readers’ opinions. The national embarrassment that is Donald Trump is in the running, while Hillary Clinton is not. If Time is going to just ignore its readers and pick whoever they feel like, isn’t Hillary’s potential to be the first female president in American history more noteworthy than the crap that falls out of Trump’s mouth on a daily basis?

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