TIME Runs Amazing Cover Putting Trump On Notice, Reminds Him The World Hates Him (IMAGE)

Donald Trump has been obsessed with his crowd sizes ever since it was revealed how sparsely attended his inauguration was compared to those of previous presidents, specifically his most recent predecessor, Barack Obama. In addition to that, he reportedly became, quote, “visibly enraged” at the massive, worldwide protests that sprung up against him. Dubbed the Women’s March, the demonstrations that took place across the nation and the world the day after Trump was sworn in as president marked the beginning of an anti-Trump resistance movement, unlike anything this country has ever seen before.

Another obsession of Trump’s is how many times he makes the cover of TIME Magazine. He was named Person of the Year this year, but he is sure to turn his ire on TIME when he sees their most recent cover. It is devoted to the millions of people across America and the world who are determined to resist Donald Trump’s bigoted, fascistic agenda. Entitled “The Resistance Rises,” TIME uses its coveted cover slot to remind Trump that most of the nation and world are dead-set against his vision of our future. It even features a picture of the pink “pussy hat” worn by so many of the marchers:


TIME tweeted the cover in video form:

The cover did not go unnoticed on Trump’s favorite platform – Twitter – either. The Women’s March official account tweeted it:

Other women tweeted it as well:



And those are just a few. Trump, be warned — you might be president, but you have no mandate. The nation and the world are watching. You will not turn America into the dystopian hellscape that you dreamed up in that hateful, divisive inauguration speech you delivered. We are putting you on notice, and we will fight back.

Featured image via screen capture from TIME Twitter

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