Tim Kaine Can’t Hold Back His Tears During Heart Wrenching Health Care Hearing

On Wednesday, Senate Democrats held a “shadow hearing” to hear what the American people have to say about the GOP health care bill. It was an emotional scene, with story after story about how much harm the American Health Care Act will cause. After listening to one particularly heartbreaking story, Sen. Tim Kaine was so moved that he was unable to hold back his tears.

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I remember standing at the mailbox with my tiny baby ― she was still under 10 pounds at 11 months old ― cradled in my arms, and opening an envelope from the children’s hospital with a bill inside for $64,000, more than my husband’s annual salary, for merely ‘renting’ the surgical room and equipment used during her heart surgery the month before,” said Cyndi Johnson, a math teacher from Bloomington, Indiana.

Johnson continued, explaining that before the Affordable Care Act became the law of the land, the medical costs she found herself paying out of pocket for her baby were “spiraling with no end in sight.” In order to provide around the clock care for her daughter, Johnson had to quit her job. But Obamacare changed all that. She explained that if the ACA hadn’t removed the lifetime cap, her daughter would have reached it before her fifth birthday.

As a parent, absolutely nothing else matters when your child is sick,” Johnson said. “Your world shrinks and everything else just falls away. I would have sold my house, my car, done literally anything to keep my daughter healthy ― and no family should have to make that horrible choice.”

All the senators had the hearing were moved by Johnson’s testimony, but Tim Kaine choke back his tears.

Mrs. Johnson, tears just started rolling down my face,” Kaine said. “The people who passed this law couldn’t care less what any of you think or what any of your experiences are.”

Just think, instead of Mike Pence, who can’t wait to snatch health care away from sick babies, we could have had Tim Kaine as our vice president. But, her emails.

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