Tic Tacs Slams Trump After He Mentions Using The Breath Mints Before Sexual Assault

Donald Trump’s intensely gross video in which he bragged about sexual assault is drawing fire from all quarters this weekend, and from some unusual places.

For instance, in a tweet early Saturday afternoon, the company that makes Tic Tac breath mints took Trump to task for his remarks — yes, Tic Tacs.

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“Inappropriate and Unacceptable”

Trump is a horrible person. Anyone who’s been paying any attention to Agent Orange knows he’s as close to a real-life supervillain as you’re going to come. He’s made disgusting remarks before and has proven himself to be intolerably misogynistic, xenophobic, and racist in the past.

So while the videos released on Friday by the Washington Post in which he brags about “grab[bing women] by the pussy” is skin-crawling on a fundamental level, they are a continuation of past behaviors and not out of character for him.

His defense is characteristic of him, too — it was “locker room banter,” and that he said it over a decade ago . . . you know, back when he was in his 60s.

Even if Clinton were half the liar the right-wing makes her out to be, at this point, I’ll still take her over Trump, since she’s still a fundamentally better person.

Just how far gone is Trump? He’s so far down the hole that Tic Tac USA has stepped in to condemn him. You know; one of the most inoffensive companies in the world, who produce the little breath mints that everyone takes before meetings and interviews.

See, in the videos, Trump mentions using Tic Tacs before sexually assaulting women. I’m not sure why; Tic Tacs will fix bad breath, not bad character. But this earned him a response from the company all the same, who took Trump to task:


Honestly, this whole thing makes my skin crawl — to quote Stephen Colbert, “all the Tic Tacs in the world will not fresh his breath after this.” Not that one gets the impression Tic Tac would ever want him to fresh his breath with their brand again, of course.

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