Three-Star General Crushes Trump’s Toxic Leadership, The Military Is Not His ‘Palace Guard’ (VIDEO)


Retired Lt. General Mark Hertling explained to Rep. Al Baldasaro (R-NY) on Monday that the Oompa-Loompa King, also known as Donald Trump, doesn’t get to treat the U.S. military as his personal “palace guards” by forcing service members to torture suspected enemies.

Donald Trump has promised his voters he will enact war crimes to fight terrorism. From targeting terrorist’s families to waterboarding and torture, he was set, dead set, on being seen as the scariest motherf*ckers in the world — international law and the Geneva convention be damned. Because ‘MURIKA doesn’t listen to silly things like the Geneva Convention…

Of course, he has since reversed that “strong” (childish and illegal) stance and said that he won’t violate international laws to fight terrorism, he will just seek to change those laws. Just goes to show what the word of Donald Trump is worth — and it is not worth much. He will say exactly what people want to hear to win, period. The controversial, citrine candidate is as trustworthy as a weathervane at reading true North, he will never point any direction but that which the political winds are blowing.

The fact that Baldasaro had to have the reality of what Trump was promising shoved into his face by a general is telling of the entire party. Baldasaro is so damn dense he sees the incidental killing of Osama Bin Laden’s family members during a legal military operation as being the same as systematically targeting women and children to “terrorize” terrorists — which only makes us the real terrorists and will absolutely backfire. (Hell, Hollywood makes millions and millions retelling the tale of what happens when you go after a man’s family, right?)

Hertling destroys the notion that torture could ever be considered effective, saying the military has never used “enhanced interrogation techniques.” Then dropped this truth bomb on Baldasaro:

But the second thing that scared me… Mr. Trump said he was going to order the military to do this and they will — quote — ‘They will do what I tell them to do, they’re not going to refuse me, if I say do it they’re going to do it.’

It’s toxic leadership and someone needs to remind Mr. Trump that that the military is not palace guards. They take an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.

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