Thousands Of Advertisers Are Fleeing From Fake News Site Breitbart

Donald Trump’s former Chief Strategist Stephen K. Bannon exited the Whitey House following the so-called president’s widely condemned response to the Nazi march in Charlottesville, Virginia in which one of his supporters murdered a woman and injured 19 others. So, Bannon headed back to fake news site ‘Sniff, I’m gonna take my ball and go home!’

Bannon will be greeted by advertisers fleeing from the site. In recent months, nearly 2,600 advertisers have discontinued their ads from the site which is presently publishing smear pieces against Trump’s National Security Adviser, H.R. McMaster.

A boycott by a grassroots campaign was launched against the site and that seems to have been effective considering the mass exodus of advertisers.

The campaign works like this: tweets are directed to advertisers, like this one which reads, “@SimpleTire are you aware that your ads are running on Breitbart’s hateful site? @slpng_giants can help! Just ask. ☺️”

Boom! Simple Tire has removed their ads from Breitbart.

The Independent reports:

According to a tweet by Sleeping Giants, a campaign group aiming to pressure companies into cutting ties with media they deem to be racist or sexist, the number of advertisers that have ceased advertising is “climbing towards 2,600”.

The individual behind Sleeping Giants has been at this for quite awhile.

Here are a few examples:

After so many have been fired or vacated their positions in the Trump administration, it might be payback time for the former reality show star. Bannon is reportedly “ramping up for war” against Trump now that he’s been fired.

Breitbart editor Joel Pollak suggested that Bannon’s ousting means ‘war.’

Well, we know what kind of war Trump can expect from the Alt-Right site. Twitter accounts with Pepe the Frog avatars will be launched, and perhaps they’ll start conspiracy theories about Trump, maybe saying that he has low stamina, he’s sick and doesn’t have long to live (because he coughed), and who knows, Trump might visit a pizzeria where there is obviously a child sex slave ring in the basement – even though it doesn’t have a basement.

Breitbart has even more to worry about. In May it was reported that has fallen from 45th place to 281st place in news site traffic ratings since March, according to the web analytics company As of August 19th, Breitbart has fallen to 298th place in traffic ratings.

I know how Breitbart can get their traffic booming again. If Bannon has access to the pee-pee tapes and publishes them, he can give his site’s servers a real test for how much traffic it can hold. You see how we try to help?

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