This Woman’s Reply To Man Who Can’t Afford To Join Bundy’s Militia Is PRICELESS (VIDEO)

What do you do when you want to join the revolution but you can’t afford it? That is apparently the predicament that Daniel Brewer has. Brewer very badly wants to travel to Oregon to support Ammon Bundy and his band of criminal insurrectionists. But he doesn’t have the gas money. And the reason why he doesn’t have the gas money is absolutely hilarious.

A visit to Brewer’s Facebook page reveals that he considers himself a super-patriot. He has the obligatory posts from a variety of right-wing sites, pictures of confederate flags and other warning signs that you’re an asshole, and he has a link to a YouTube video starring Ammon Bundy. Brewer says that he would be in Oregon, supporting Bundy, if he only had gas money.

Brewer Facebook post

It’s pathetic enough that someone who appears to be broke would want to spend his last dollar to support a domestic terrorist like Bundy. But when you read why he’s broke, you won’t know whether to laugh or cry.

A Facebook user named Barbra Barbour found this post from Brewer on the “Bundy Ranch” Facebook page, and shared it with the world. His comment is hilarious. Her reply to his comment is priceless:

Brewer post

That’s right friends. The revolution against the damned federal government will be slightly delayed, until that damned government gets my disability check correct. Apparently the irony in this is lost on Brewer.

Scrolling down Brewer’s timeline, it’s obvious that he’s a big fan of the founding fathers, and the constitution (well, the second amendment, at least). He hates Obama, and he hates big government. Except he apparently loves that disability check.

Following her comment, Brewer decided that he needed to keep an eye on Barbour:

Brewer follow

Barbour didn’t appear to be too worried about Brewer’s attention, but one of her friends perfectly framed why she shouldn’t be concerned:

Christine Matthews

And these “super-patriots” like Daniel Brewer wonder why the rest of us don’t take them seriously.

Here’s an update on the Oregon standoff, via NBC News:

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