This Woman’s Fearless Jab Will Make Trump Think Twice About EVER Taking A Question Again (VIDEO)

Donald Trump was confronted in New Hampshire last weekend by his worst nightmare. Typically Trump, who panders to the white male racists of America, has very little interaction with women. This young woman, however, wasn’t about to go away without a fight.

She asked Trump tough questions, which he dodged and never really answered, with her hands on her hips and a demanding “who the f*ck do you think you are” attitude. Clearly un-phased by Trump’s greatness ignorant douchebaggery, she wanted to know if he was a friend to women and if so, would she make the same money as a man and have control of her body if he were president. Trump’s answers were about as Donald you could get, with such obtuse statements as “I’ll take care of everybody.”

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As if the humiliation weren’t enough, Trump actually threw out there that he would protect women against the people outside the country trying to get in.

Because everything must always be about that with this a-hole.

Here’s the video:


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