This Woman Had Far More Interesting Things To Do At Trump’s Rally (VIDEO)

Donald Trump has been running for president now for what seems like infinity days. Even his previous voters are getting tired of his self-aggrandizing whining, hence his declining poll numbers. Apparently, even someone attending current rallies is bored with his rhetoric.

On Monday, Trump had a stump speech in Springfield, Illinois. The crowd was oddly multi-racial for a man who has about as much minority support as David Duke. Trump has paid for audience members before, so the question can be asked.

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Regardless, one woman at his speech on Monday didn’t want to hear what the wannabe Bloviator-in-Chief had to say, so she checked her phone and even pulled out a book. The book was “Citizen” by Claudia Rankine. The book deals with racism in America from the perspective of African-Americans. Definitely not a Trump topic. Perhaps it was a subtle suggestion that Trump read it to broaden his own horizons, or perhaps she somehow found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

One audience member was having none of that. He tapped her on the shoulder and an argument ensued. The woman won, though. She went back to her book. Let’s give a big cheer to readers.

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