This White Supremacist Child Molester Won’t Vote For Bernie, But Guess Who He Will Vote For

August Kreis III, 61, was just sentenced to 50 years in prison for child molestation. The former Aryan Nation and KKK leader had no contrition, though. His message to the jury was political and it was to vote for Donald Trump.

Kreis was convicted of sexually abusing two young girls between the ages of 10 and 14. The good news is he’ll probably never get out.

Just before sentencing, one of Kreis’s child victims, now in her 20s, read a poem to Kreis in which she called him a ‘monster.’ Abusers such as Kreis shatter the emotional lives of the young, leaving them scarred and living with lies, the woman said.

‘Days turn into months, and months into years, and every night is full of this child’s worst fears,’ the woman read. ‘Looking to the stars and wishing for a different life, this pain pierces through me like a jagged knife. … Go through life watching behind me, and hold onto my heart with one hand. … My soul cries at the mention of your name.’

Now, she said, she is a strong adult and can call him openly what he is. ‘Your disgusting little secret is out,’ she said. ‘I hope you are haunted till the day you die for the things you’ve done,’ she said.

Source: The State

Despite the fact that he’ll never be allowed inside another voting booth, he took the occasion of his trial to make a political statement and that was to endorse Donald Trump. In fact, he held up a sign during the trial that said, “Vote for Donald Trump.” Oddly, the judge did not declare a mistrial.

He certainly isn’t endorsing Bernie Sanders, though. His statement right before sentencing was, “I will always hate the Jew. This government is run by an evil group of people, and please, vote for Trump!”

Featured image via Richland County Sheriff

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