This Web Site Will Turn Stupid Right-Wing Tweets Into Ridiculous, Yet Awesome Poems

We ran across an interesting web site that converts your tweets into poetry. Simply type in a Twitter handle, choose a poetic form, and Poetweet will do the rest!

Users may choose between 14-line sonnets, 14 line, two stanza rondels, or eight-verse indrisos.

1-28-2015 2-59-27 PM

We thought it might be fun to experiment with the tweets of some of the 2016 Republican Presidential hopefuls.

Let’s begin with a rondel from everyone’s favorite babbling psychopath, Sarah Palin:

I cant
by Sarah Palin

Congratulations, Garret Graves!
GOP machine spent as much time…
Who dedicate their lives…
Just followed Israeli Prime…

Bill Walker & Byron Mallott!
A great role model for American…
Congratulations, Greg Abbott!
This to a gracious man who can…

Straps” before Tom Emmer gets…
The Taliban’s Dastardly Dream…
Special “identifying” bracelets?…
Intervals. In the pic, Team
Already shaking things up. Let’s…

Dr. Ben Carson has been winning the hearts and minds of conservatives — and how couldn’t he with this wonderful sonnet, and all?:

To France
by Dr. Ben Carson

Hardship To Survive & Thrive
“This Week” Powerhouse Roundtable
What we get, but from what we give.
One Nation Is Still Possible!

Seal TEAM 6 running for Congress.
Killed by an Afghan security guard
And the pursuit of happiness.
And of the highest standard.

Kendall at their Gala last night.
Our Energy Resources Serves Peace
For having me on your show tonight.

Ideas and values of our Founders.
Weather here on The Amalfi Coast
And my quest for 1M informed voters

Rand Paul seems confused, but that is not exactly abnormal. Check out this wonderful indriso:

Promising future
by Senator Rand Paul

For 1, & justice for all
Welcome home and job well done!
25 years since fall of Berlin Wall:

Media next…#AiringOfGrievances
Introduce the Senate version soon!
It! Stayed tuned for grievances

I am proud to stand with Rand.”

On being elected Iowa State Auditor

And now a sonnet from everyone’s favorite water-chugging embarrassment, Marco Rubio:

In Havana
by Marco Rubio

To provide contraception coverage
Who have served past and present.
Human rights outrage:
After sham vote at impotent

Will do great. Only advice is have…
& comments about US “crimes”
Amb. Stevens & other brave
Requires Users to Register Names

Illusions about should remain
Mix among those passing test.
Yard mark which was line to gain.

But elections unfair w/o those
Opportunity on tomorrow morning.
They would not agree not to oppose

And who doesn’t love the works of the great Rick Santorum?

Are struggling
by Rick Santorum

And expert to its freshman roster.
On a beautiful day at Mt Rushmore.
With my oldest daughter,
To do them whenever they score.

A shot at the American Dream.
When tears apart his actions.
At today 3pmET! Watch livestream:
With the victory. Congratulations!

Congress to stand up and fight!
Editorial. An important read.
Have a great family movie night.
Join for a rally in Diamondhead!
Another great victory tonight.

But what about the likely GOP frontrunners? What does Mitt Romney have to say?

Energy prices
by Mitt Romney

Americans are suffering in silence.
Future will be better than the past
You can make the difference
4 years different than the last 4

When took office. Think about that.
Recovery: Laboring With The Truth
& get your limited edition hat
Presidential Debate at Dartmouth)

Win. See you in San Diego tonight.
Time to draw spending boundaries.
Voluntary $5 contribution to fight

A mountain of debt, it is immoral
More debt that we can’t afford
Economy remains stuck in neutral

And what of Jeb Bush?

Broken one
by Jeb Bush

To my friend & bold edreformer
Leaders today in Colorado with and
Admin realize Assad is no reformer.
My old stomping grounds in Midland!

Food Stamp and Welfare Benefits:
Barber shop. $9 special, $9 regular
That obamacare adds to deficits.
Gov for helping Ms Williams-Bolar!

Lessons on Life and Business:
But not enough for defense:
Conservative women in Congress.
A brain surgeon with common sense.
Key to Future Math Success?

Should we be worried that these random mishmashes of tweets make more sense than when these people actually talk?

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