This Waitress Left An Awesome ‘Tip’ For Her Governor, Who Is Destroying Public Schools (IMAGES)

When Kansas governor Sam Brownback ate at a Topeka restaurant on May 2, he was probably expecting to leave a tip for his server when he finished. Instead, the server turned the tables on the governor and offered him a tip, instead.

Since becoming governor, Brownback has been hard at work trying to turn Kansas into a conservative “paradise,” and prove that supply-side economics can actually work. Instead, he, with the help of Kansas’ Republican-controlled legislature, has turned the state into a conservative-created disaster area.

One of the biggest Brownback-created disasters is the Kansas public school system. MSNBC reports that the new, block grant program passed by the legislature and signed by the governor, cut $45 million dollars from public education. As a result, some Kansas schools are closing early this year. Others are asking parents to contribute money to help pay for basic necessities, such as toilet paper.

All of this was apparently too much for waitress Chloe Hough, who worked at a restaurant called Boss Hawg’s Barbeque, in Topeka. According to ABC News, Hough’s sister receives special education services, and Hough says that her sister has lost “many dedicated educators” due to the budget cuts. It was her last night working at the restaurant, and she felt like she had to do something. So she sent out this message on Facebook:

Chloe Hough asks her friends what to say to the governor

via Facebook

After getting some suggestions from her friends, Hough decided she would make a statement about education. So she put an “X” on the tip line of the governor’s check, and wrote, “Tip the schools,” next to it. Hough then shared a photo of the check with her Facebook friends, with the comment, “MIC DROP.”

Tip the schools

via Facebook

Hough wouldn’t say how Brownback reacted to the message. News outlets were unable to reach the governor’s spokesperson for a comment. Hough says that her co-workers were supportive of her, and her boss, she said, “just laughed” when he found out about what she had done.

Hough said she wasn’t trying to be malicious. She tells KSNT:

I just knew I had to say something or I would regret it.

Featured image: via Facebook

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