This Video Will Teach Even Donald Trump How To Tell The Difference Between Mexicans And Other Hispanics (VIDEO)

For most Americans, especially those on the right, everyone from Latin America (and probably Spain and Portugal) are lumped together in a giant group of people they like to call “illegals” or perhaps, “Mexicans.”

About 400 million people in the world speak Spanish and only about 122 million of those are from Mexico. While more than half of our immigrants are from Mexico, it’s certainly not a safe bet to just assume that because someone has an accent, they are Mexican. That’s a lot like saying that just because we and someone from Australia speak the same language, we must be from the same part of the world.

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Finally, there’s a YouTube video to help those who care (which probably rules out the right-wing) figure out various Spanish accents. The best part of this video is that while being informative, it’s hilarious and no one is off-limits for comedian Joanna Hausmann (who is Venezuelan) to skewer.

Oh, and right-wingers, Portugal is in Europe and they speak Portuguese, not Spanish. While Brazil is in Latin America, they also speak Portuguese.

Here’s the video:

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