This Video Shows Just How Many ‘Thoughts And Prayers’ NRA Money Can Buy (VIDEO)

Another day, another senseless mass shooting in America. Things are getting so ridiculous, that is how the BBC led their coverage of the San Bernardino attack. And now comes the usual routine: Democrats call for sensible gun control, the NRA comes out and says “it’s too soon,” and Republicans offer “thoughts and prayers,” as if those are somehow a substitute for more strict firearms regulations.

Tweets from Republican politicians offering those “thoughts and prayers” have been all over the news, and some, like Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy, have said that it’s time to forget about “thoughts and prayers” and actually do something. But, as a new video from Think Progress suggests, once again nothing will change.

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This brief video, posted on Facebook, features Igor Volsky of Think Progress, reading tweets from various Republican lawmakers. You know, the people who actually have the power to do something other than just talk about gun regulations. As he reads each tweet, the amount of money that senator or congressman has collected from the NRA is displayed at the right of the screen. This video follows a series of tweets from Volsky that highlighted the same connection.

NRA money buys a lot of “thoughts and prayers,” and very little action, doesn’t it?

Here’s the video:

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons-Bjoertvedt/Mediaite

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