This Video Says EVERYTHING We All Want To Say To Donald Trump AND MORE (VIDEO)

Are you sick and tired of Donald Trump? Are you twitching at every insulting, offensive, horrible thing that spews from his blubbering mouth?

You aren’t alone!

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Now there is a movement of people “teaming up to tell off Trump” – no really, it’s a real thing! is a registered political action committee where:

“America tells Trump – the Republicans’ billionaire bigoted bully – to fuck off.”

The website says they are “dedicated to creating a movement across the U.S. that gives people a megaphone to voice their disgust with the racist, sexist, homophobic and bullying stupidity of Donald Trump. #TuckFrump”

They are even selling merchandise to fund the campaign. Things like bumper stickers, which are sure to make right-wingers’ heads explode in traffic!

Check out the video below, although please be warned – the language is foul and probably shouldn’t be watched at work or around small children – which is suiting considering that’s exactly how I’d describe Donald Trump!

Yes, the content below would be considered NSFW. (Unless, you’re a political blogger – then, carry-on.)

Watch TuckFrump: Teaming Up To Tell Off Trump, Here:

Featured image via video screen capture

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