This Video Proves Once And For All That Donald Trump Has No Idea What He’s Talking About (VIDEO)

When the Iran nuclear deal was first made public, Sen. Marco Rubio misread a line of text and went on a tirade, claiming that if Israel and Iran went to war, we would have to defend Iran. It was a completely ridiculous assumption that showed that Rubio had no clue about the deal, Israel, Iran or foreign policy in general.

The issue quickly made its rounds, with every right-wing blogger jumping on Rubio’s bandwagon, thinking they had found the smoking gun to kill the Iran deal, discredit the president and send our troops back to war. Within days the language had been deciphered by people who could actually read, the theory was debunked, and every fact-checking site posted the same thing: the claim was false.

Rubio took his questions to John Kerry in open committee anyway, and came out looking very foolish. The right quickly dropped the issue, and it disappeared into oblivion…

…Until Donald Trump made it his top reason for disliking the Iran deal in an interview with CNN. Well, that and he thinks he could have done a better job of negotiating.


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Donald Trump recycles a debunked GOP myth for his low-information base.

Featured image: Donkeyhotey on Flickr

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