This Video Of Ted Cruz’s Daughter Reacting To Him Shows How Repulsive He Is (VIDEO)

Ted Cruz hates when you talk about his kids, except that he can’t stop placing them in front of the camera and using them as political props for attention. He did it again while in Iowa while he was trying to make the case that his pledges to destroy a century of American progress are just what the country needs to save it from itself.

They say that children can sense evil. I think this video is 100 percent proof of that.

Ted tried to give his daughter a goodbye hug and kiss, and she was having NONE of it. It’s very telling that his own daughter was either so embarrassed or repulsed, that she didn’t want to have anything to do with the situation. Of course, Ted forced it afterwards because the cameras were there. I honestly feel bad for her. Imagine having to have your friends see your creepy dad like that. Eeesh!

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Watch Ted be good old gross and inappropriate Ted below:

Featured image from video screen capture

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