This Veteran’s Passionate Speech For Raising The Minimum Wage Will Have You In Tears (VIDEO)

The Democratic Party and millions of minimum wage workers across the country have been demanding a minimum wage increase in this country. Republicans and their corporate buddies have claimed that such an increase is just not feasible and would hurt small businesses. And whenever a federal minimum wage bill is introduced, the GOP prevents it from passing. They do this even though each and every one of their talking points has been debunked.

What’s worse is that the party who claims to “support our troops” ignores the fact that so many of our military veterans are forced to live in poverty when they are finished serving their country. More than one million veterans are barely scraping by because of the Republican Party’s decision to put big business over the needs of the people.

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Recently, former Marine and Purple Heart recipient, Derrell Odom testified at a Georgia Wage Board meeting and implored the board to raise the minimum wage in the state.

I fought for my country. I served in the United States Marine Corps, two tours in Iraq. I’m a proud countryman, but I’m also a man who came home after serving in Fallujah and Ramadi and I can’t even put food on the table for my family, gentlemen. I can’t even afford to put a roof over my child’s head with the amount of money that I’m making.

Derrell goes on to give a powerful speech that highlights the despair minimum wage workers are left with. It is sickening that the members of the Republican Party can stand up at campaign rallies across the country and say they love people just like Darrell , but then allow them to struggle to survive. This is one of the richest countries in the world and we have millions of hardworking citizens left to live in squalor while corporations bring home millions of dollars in bonuses.

This isn’t the American Dream we envisioned and it needs to change. Call your representatives and demand they support a living wage for the American people. Click HERE to find out how to contact yours.

Watch the rest of Derrell’s speech below:

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