This Takedown By Mika Brzezinkski Is So Brutal, Trump Says He’s Never Going On The Show Again

We don’t normally see much on Morning Joe. It’s usually just Joe Scarborough talking up Republicans and Republican ideas while Mika Brzezinkski nods or, if she disagrees, offers some weak tea. Guests often mirror one or the other as they provide punditry.

But, sometimes, Mika will come out of her cocoon to show that she’s the intelligent one. That happened this week as she and Joe, with guests, discussed Paul Ryan’s falling in line endorsement of Donald Trump.

First, a video segment of Ryan speaking about his capitulation was played. In it, Ryan said that he “didn’t know Trump” before the two sat down to discuss policy. But now, miraculously after a handful of visits from the Donald, Ryan says…

… it’s become clear to me in conversations with Donald that he is someone who is comfortable with these principles and these policies. It’s basically coming to that conclusion — which you can’t do over the phone one time.

After the clip ended, Mika held up a copy of The Washington Post with the headline, “Mr. Ryan Capitulates,” chiding, “That’s a good way of putting it.”

Yet another Republican — a top Republican — goes down. For no reason. With no actual information on what it is that really convinced him. Just good conversation.

Guest Mark Halperin, possibly being sarcastic, noted that Ryan seemed “super psyched.” If that’s Ryan being “super psyched,” I’d hate to see him being serious. He’d be almost catatonic.

After reading a little from The Post‘s editorial, Mika sighed and continued:

This is just so sad. Paul Ryan — the guy who I think is the Republican’s great hope — is an honest, good, principled man of character. What is he — if he had a good reason, I’m all for it… If he heard what Donald Trump is going to do to lead the party forward and help make America great again, tell me what it was, Paul Ryan. Because you just sold out.

Guests Mark Halperin and Nicole Wallace tried to tell Mika what Mr. Ryan might have seen, including Trump’s pledge to get conservative judges on every bench and implement tax reform. Halperin insisted that Ryan “had no choice” but to endorse Trump.

Mika wasn’t buying it, saying that there are “new rules” now, because of this election. After reading a bit more from the Post, Mika addressed Paul Ryan directly, telling him:

Paul, he’s (Trump) not going to do anything for you because you did this. He’s not going to pay you back. It’s pathetic. He (Ryan) sold out. I’m sorry — he did have a choice, and he made one that was weak.

Hard to argue with that. But, predictably, Trump did. As he always does, he insulted and denigrated:

Here’s the video via MSNBC:


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