This Speech From A Candlelight Vigil For Orlando Is The Truth Bomb Republicans Need To Hear (VIDEO)

The carnage in Orlando is unthinkable. The loss of life is beyond tragic. The targeting of the gay community incomprehensible. There is nothing about the latest in American mass-shootings that doesn’t cause immense sorrow. As the smoke clears and the victims are identified, 50 families have to deal with the senseless loss of a loved one at the hands of a madman who whether he was an Islamic terrorist or not targeted people just for being themselves.

Empathy for those families and the strength and courage to not allow an act of violence and hate is what will help drive us in the coming days. Empathy, strength and yes — anger. A speech by an activist at a candlelight vigil in Tampa’s Ybor City district Sunday night takes that anger and places it squarely where it belongs: the Republican party. Republicans have failed at every level where gun violence is concerned. The bottom line is a man on a terrorist watch list was able to walk into a store and buy an assault rifle off the rack that would only days later be used in the worst single-gunman mass-shooting in our history.

That is unacceptable. This puts it all in proper perspective:

Featured Image by Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

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